Gary Karlsrud’s musical roots sprout out in all directions. His influences come from a life full of adventurous detours. From halls of university music buildings to playing at Korean bars, Gary has definitely had a chance to widen his perspective. And he wouldn’t change a thing.

Karlsrud began playing bass in school, and all seemed jazz until he moved to Honolulu on student exchange and stayed for an extra year. He was working at a music store and was recruited by a local funk band, where he was instilled with the finer points of groove. He finished school and moved to Boston where he joined the underground alternative band Big Clock.Soon there was record deal, airplay, touring, and after 3 years the band broke up.

After locating in New Jersey, Karlsrud played for years with long-time friends in the power-trio Fashion Heros and Sonic Blenders. The departure of any member of a trio is change in game. With the departure of their long-time drummer, Sonic Blenders disbanded leaving Gary with a cache of unrecorded songs. He has now set out to deliver the goods as a solo artist.

With forays into Jazz, Blues, Funk, R&B, and Rock, Karlsrud has found his inner power-chord. New collaboration with talented musicians is now rendering stunning results. The new music is a product of pulse, rhythm and grind. With lyrics that are an observation of life. A listener might find someone they know in the narrative of the songs.