Gary Karlsrud’s musical roots sprout out in all directions. From university music halls to Korean bars to underground clubs, his musical influences come from all over the map, and he wouldn’t change a thing.

Karlsrud began playing bass in grade school, and all seemed jazz until he moved to Honolulu on student exchange and stayed for an extra year. He was working at a music store and was recruited by a local funk band, where learned the finer points of groove. He finished school and left to play bass on cruise ships to go out and see the world. After a year of traveling the globe, he moved to Boston just when the city was becoming a focal point for new rock music. He eventually joined the underground alternative band Big Clock. Soon there was record deal, airplay, touring, and after three years the band broke up.

Following a path through jazz, blues, funk, R&B, and alternative rock, Karlsrud has come to find his inner power-chord. He has since moved to New Hope, PA and been lucky enough to meet and play with some of the great musicians that make that their home base. Collaboration with talented players is now rendering a diverse collection of songs that spans many styles. The future is wide open.